Times of Refreshing – the Mentoring Week

Over fifty ministers, mentors and theology students gathered in Montreal for the annual mentoring week, June 13-17, 2016. The theme for the week was church renewal, with lectures and discussions as well as small group meetings. Christine O’Reilly, David Moody and Chuck Congram talked about their experience on what works and what hasn’t worked in church renewal. Graham Singh challenged us with his concept of church rebirth as necessarily preceded by dying. Clyde Ervine brought us back to the foundations of rebirth, that which has always been at our fingertips, the word and sacraments. The panel discussion, all mentors participating, was lively and informative, at the same time touched with sobering honesty. Dale Woods gave a synthesis on our collective hope for the future, and the ways we can move forward towards a rebirth of faith communities, trusting in God. Lastly, Joan Ashley led us each day in corporate worship, moving through the different aspects of lives lived in relationship with Christ.