Announcement: Dale Woods


Principal Dale Woods taking up new ministry in 2020


The Presbyterian College announces to its students, alumni, and friends that Principal Dale Woods will take up a new ministry position in August of this year—working in the area of congregational vitality in the Presbytery of Westminster (in Vancouver). His term as Principal will end as of June 30, 2020.

The college is immensely grateful for the work of Principal Woods over the past 12 years, first as Director of Pastoral Studies and then as Principal. Through his energetic and faithful work, the College successfully completed a major capital fundraising campaign and initiated a New Leadership Centre with a new mentoring program along with initiatives in congregational vitality and faith and work. Our student body has grown, including through a significant cohort of international students. Partnerships with existing organizations have been strengthened, and new partnerships/programs founded including a new Master of Theological Studies (Practical Theology) with the Institut de Théologie pour la Francophonie. 

As Dale shares this news with the College, he indicates his conviction that the College continues to have opportunities ahead: “There is an important role for The Presbyterian College to play within the city of Montreal, the province of Quebec, The Presbyterian Church in Canada and beyond. I remain very supportive of the vision of the College and the many opportunities that will unfold under new leadership.”  

The Presbyterian College approaches this new year and this new decade with confidence in its vocation to theological education and leadership formation and in its life as a worshiping community. We look forward to the ways in which God will continue to bless and strengthen the College as we approach the future strategically and with deep confidence in the One who has called us to the service of Jesus Christ.

In the weeks ahead, the Board of Governors of The Presbyterian College will take steps to address the upcoming vacancy of the Principalship and will share news and plans with the community as we move forward. We ask for your prayers, for both Dale and for the College, as we work through this transition and continue in our vocations of education and service.


Jay Hewlin
Chair, Board of Governors

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