Master of Divinity

Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

The Master of Divinity, the most widely recognized and accepted degree for ministry professionals, is designed to prepare students for ministry.

Through this program, students improve their understanding of the Christian faith and their ability to interpret the Gospel within the contemporary world.

The Master of Divinity stresses growth in personal faith as well as the development of skills and competencies required for effective pastoral ministry within a congregation, chaplaincy or similar ministries.


The Master of Divinity can be completed in three years of full-time study and is open to students with a Bachelor’s degrees or equivalent from a recognized college or university, with a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.7.

The first two years of study take place primarily within the McGill School of Religious Studies; the final In-Ministry Year is completed at The Presbyterian College/Montreal School of Theology and focuses on Christian leadership, pastoral theology, and the practice of ministry, with students spending half of their time working within a congregation.

The Master of Divinity program of The Presbyterian College/Montreal School of Theology is the only program in Canada offering a sustained, year-long field-based curriculum, employing an action-reflection model of teaching and learning.

The program’s final year also includes an international study trip, which encourages students to reflect on the meaning of the gospel within a different culture. Currently, the study trip takes place in Cuba.

Master of Divinity students preparing for ministry within The Presbyterian Church in Canada, must also carry out College studies in pastoral formation, including English Bible Content, Orientation to Ministry, Reformed Tradition and Reformed Spirituality.

All students must also complete three integrative papers during their three years of study.

M.Div. Course schedule

Master of Divinity – with Specialization in Congregational Renewal & New Church Development

This new program is being developed for Master of Divinity students who feel called to either congregational renewal or the development of new faith communities.

As well as completing the core Master of Divinity program, students participate in two three-month placements in either new church development or in a congregation working through renewal.

Placements take place from May to July over two summers.
Students also carry out additional readings, participate in classes/workshops, and provide a written summary of their learnings to their peers, ensuring that all participants can learn from each other’s experiences.

A bursary, as specified by the Presbyterian Church of Canada, is available to eligible students.

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