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Henry Ford once said that anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Rick Warren wrote that the moment you stop learning, you stop leading. We are committed to offering quality teaching in a Continuing Education format, making life-long learning a reality for our ministers and church leaders.

Continuing education has long been recognized as essential in maintaining critical competencies in several professions. The concept began in 1907 when the University of Wisconsin-Madison opened its doors to adult learners who had already completed an undergraduate degree program. The advantage afforded by continuing education is that it ensures that professionals are informed and up-to-date on the required competencies in their vocations.

Ministry also benefits from continuing education. The Presbyterian Church in Canada does not require its ordained ministers to complete credits in continuing education after seminary; however, we at Presbyterian College do recognize that the the normal 3-year course of theological studies is not necessarily able to cover the whole spectrum of ministry skills essential for congregational work that the fresh graduate might be expected to fulfil in short order during his or her initial years. Furthermore, due to the demands of ministry, the seasoned practising minister may not have ample opportunity to devote time to engage in theological reflection on current issues that confront the post-modern world.

To meet the need for continuing education in ministry, The Presbyterian College organizes yearly conferences on topics of great interest to clergy and non-clergy alike. In the past, we have hosted lectures on Christian hospitality, on apologetics, and on the complex issue of physician-assisted death.

Aiming to be of service to the wider global community, we have begun to innovate in information delivery using online technology such as live-streaming and webinars. We plan to offer a subscription service in which registrants will be able to attend onsite or online lectures to be chosen from a wide selection of subjects and themes relevant to our world today approached from the perspective of the Christian faith.

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