Faith and Work

Connect the Dots Between Your Faith & Work

The Faith & Work Cohort experience will prepare you to embrace your everyday work as a vital part of God’s mission, no matter what kind of work you do. Together we will discover God’s original design for work and how it positions us to join him in renewing and restoring every broken person, system, and place within our communities.


This Cohort meets one Friday night per month for eight months from 6pm to 9pm. Each session uses central Kingdom perspectives to:

  • More clearly see our true identity in the light of the Word and in the story of the whole Gospel.
  • Better understand our personal calling and how it can directly involve us in Jesus’ mission.
  • Learn how to influence our culture and community as representatives of Jesus and for the common good.
  • Form ongoing relationships that encourage and sustain shared stewardship of our community’s well-being.

Registration & Cost

The cost of the cohort program is $600; however, we are able to offer the program for $300 for this first cohort group. An additional $25 will be collected for the Kingdom Work cohort notebook.

We are committed to making this formational experience as affordable as possible. A payment plan is available and additional inquiries for financial aid can be made to the program director.


Upcoming Sessions

Session One – Introduction and Whole Gospel April 20th

Cohort Introduction and first session. Consider all four elements of a Whole Gospel: Creation, the Fall, Redemption, and Citizenship. Receive an invitation into Jesus’ onging work of restoration as citizens of the Kingdom.

Registration CLOSED

Session Two – Kingdom Calling, May 18th

Gain clarity in God’s calling to spend every effort and moment of life in partnership in his mission. Answer God’s invitation to include your everyday work as a significant part of that calling.

Registration CLOSED

Session Three – Trust, June 15th

Understand why trusting God and those around us is a foundation of God’s mission. Consider the obstacles in life that make it hard for us to trust.  Explore the journey from doubt to trust.

Registration CLOSED

Session Four – Community, August 24th

Study the biblical call to community, what healthy community looks like and its unique function as the Kingdom’s operating system to renew and restore cultures and communities.

Registration CLOSED

Session Five – Humility & Honor, September 21st

Learn how choosing to honor those around us leads to a living expression of humility that powerfully paves the way for expansion of the Kingdom.

Registration CLOSED

Session Six – Love, October 19th

Gain a deeper understanding of god’s love and learn to embody that same love in the context of our lives and everyday work. see why authentic love is a revolutionary catalyst for renewal in every context.

Registration CLOSED

Session Seven – Goodness, November 16th

Study the goodness of God and understand how it compels us to something beyond ethics and morality within our work, culture and community.

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Session Eight – Cohort finale, Mission, December 14th

Understand the responsibility and potential for real change for the common good, as we do everyday life and work with Kingdom calling. anticipate the effect of a concerted effort to renew culture and restore communities through our work together.

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