Summer Conference

Summer Leadership Conference, May 28-31st

Healthy Leaders, Healthy Congregations


The life of pastors and congregational leaders often seems like a merry-go-round. Life and ministry are always spinning around, but it doesn’t always seem like you’re getting anywhere. Every leader needs the time and space to draw away from ministry in order to lean into God and be affirmed and encouraged by others.

The Leadership Centre at Presbyterian College is pleased to invite leaders from around the region and from across Canada to our Summer Leadership Conference.

May 28-29 Pre-Conference Mentoring Gathering

A unique face-t0-face gathering of all the participants in our mentoring program. Caring for our soul is caring for our congregation. We will focus our attention on soul care and healthy leaders. Hearing from practitioners… from each other… and listening intently to God.

May 29-31 Continuing Education Conference

Healthy leaders lead healthy congregations. What does it mean to lead vital congregations that hunger and thirst for God as well as passionately pursue God’s mission? We will be focusing on vital leaders leading vital congregations.



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