Dr. Lucille Marr – Presidential address to CSCH

Dr. Marr’s Presidential Address to CSCH

On June 2, 2017, Dr. Lucille Marr gave the presidential address for the Canadian Society of Church History, held at the 2017 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. The address is particularly relevant to the celebration of 150 years of Canadian history. The full address may be found here.

A short excerpt from the conclusion of the address:

Why is the history of women and indigenous peoples necessary? It is necessary in building a healthy past that includes those who were first on this land, and the women who have always been there. It is necessary for healing of individuals, and of our nation. It is necessary for healing in the churches. Underneath it all, the bottom line, is that the history of women and indigenous peoples is necessary, because it is our history.

As we seek ways to explore the contributions and influence of indigenous peoples and women, we may find ourselves changed. I was struck hearing Allen Greer speak on the process of writing his bio-history of Kateri Tekawitha, the Mohawk Saint. His research led him to the conclusion that her confessor Jesuit priest Claude Chauchetière was converted by her witness. And he confessed, I changed, too, as I did this research.

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