Faith & Work Cohort

Preview Nights for a new Faith and Work Cohort

Many of us spend our week working in roles and environments that have no apparent tie to our Christian faith.  We work 40-50 hours a week so we can get by, or to get ahead in life… then we engage in a faith community or volunteer in our community as a way to connect to God and connect with others.

What if we were created to be at our best when all the parts of our lives are integrated rather than separated into different categories?  What if our everyday work, was seen as an integral part of our identity and God’s greater purposes in the world?

The Leadership Centre at The Presbyterian College is creating an exciting new space to have just that conversation. This spring we are launching a FAITH & WORK COHORT that will meet monthly to Rediscover Our Work in the Light of God’s Kingdom.  

This cohort experience will provide a meaningful path to help Christians examine themselves and their work in the light of God’s reign and mission in the world.  Themes explored will include: the Whole Gospel, God’s Reign, Trust, Community, and Humility.  

The program includes approximately thirty-six hours of facilitated group meetings, along with instructional materials.  Registration costs and financial assistance will be announced as soon as possible.

Join us for one of our PREVIEW NIGHTS February 21st and 23rd from 6-7pm to learn more. Light refreshments will be provided, please RSVP or accept the invitation on Facebook to let us know you are planning to attend!

For more information, contact Tim Keener at or call (514) 288-5256.  


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