Fall 2018 Online Course

Introduction to the Old Testament

Course # MST 302

This course can be taken by lay persons interested in theology and scripture, or by those in M.Div. programs.

Description:  Over hundreds of years, oral and written stories, hymns, poems, sayings and songs were brought together to form the Hebrew Bible, sometimes referred to as the Old Testament. This book has become a central text of not only Western civilization, but the backbone of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. The course offers a critical overview of the content, periods in history, geography, socio- political, and theological approaches to the Hebrew Bible. While we will use historical-critical tools, emphasis will also be given to understanding these scriptures from a Christian faith.


DATE: Thursdays, beginning on September 20th  
TIME: All webinars start at 6:15 p.m. EST

REGISTRATION: reception@pcmtl.ca


The instructor for this online course in Old Testament is the REV DR. GREGORY DAVIDSON, who presently serves as minister of Central Presbyterian Church in Hamilton, Ontario. He completed his M.Div. at Knox College, Toronto, and his Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible from the University of Cambridge.

Important Notes

This is an course offered at the M.Div. level and students outside of the Montreal School of Theology may be eligible to transfer this course into their program. Check with your academic institution for confirmation.

If you are already registered for the Certificate program or as a Special Student, you simply need to communicate with Annie Baldessari (reception@pcmtl.ca) that you wish to enrol in this course. If you are NOT yet registered in a program or as a special student, you must do so. Click here for registration as a Special Student to take this course. 

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