UTC Appoints Interim Principal

United Theological College Announces Appointment

Maylanne Maybee appointed as Interim Principal

From the UTC Announcement:

Maylanne Maybee brings six years’ experience as Principal of the Centre for Christian Studies in Winnipeg, is fluent in French, and has a solid background in administration and management. Educated at Trinity College, The University of Toronto, and Oxford University, she has earned degrees in French Canadian history, French language and literature, education and theology, and was recently awarded an honorary doctorate in divinity by The University of Trinity College in recognition of her work to restore the distinctive diaconate in the Anglican Church of Canada.

Prior to her term as principal of CCS, Maybee worked for the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada in the areas of peace, justice, and ecology. Earlier, she worked in community and congregational ministry and served as a staff coordinator of a national ecumenical network of urban ministries.

Maybee’s work in church and community ministry has had a strong ecumenical focus including leadership and substantial collaborative involvement with The United Church of Canada.

“The United Theological College is a jewel of a school in the heart of Montreal,” Maybee said. “I love its tagline of ‘Formed in community for ministry in the world.’ I am drawn to its experiential approach to learning and the unique opportunity it offers for students to earn a bilingual M. Div. I look forward to the adventure ahead of exploration, planning, and building on your considerable strengths.”

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