Congregational Vitality Brunch: Spiritual & Theological Dynamics for Congregational Vitality

Tuesday October 23, 2018 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


Every congregational renewal effort begins first by coming face-to-face with our brokenness and recognizing our need for God to breathe new life into our community. Simply put, “death” comes before “breath” in congregational vitality. We must become honest about our church’s state of health if we want to cultivate hope for renewal.

Although there are social scientific dimensions to congregational vitality, leading change in the congregational setting is also a spiritual and theological task.

In this brunch we will:

  • Discuss the spiritual and theological dynamics of congregational vitality.
  • Hear from each other’s experiences.  
  • Look into Scripture to develop a practical theology for congregational vitality.


A light brunch and coffee will be offered. Thanks to the support of generous partners of The Presbyterian College, the cost of the morning will be only $25 per participant.

Location: Presbyterian College, 3495 University Street, Montreal

Facilitator: Tim Keener, Pastor & Congregational Vitality Specialist


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The Leadership Centre at Presbyterian College in Montreal is a incubator in Canada for Leadership Development from a Christian Perspective. We foster the development of leaders for the church and for the world by offering regular, practical, and high quality learning experiences that people value.

For more information, contact Tim Keener at tkeener@pcmtl.ca or call (514) 288-5256.  
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