Dependable Strengths Workshop®

“Uncover your strengths, discover your purpose”

A workshop designed to promote self-esteem, motivation to achieve, and responsible behavior.

Are you a college or university student looking for where you fit in the world? Are you eager to better understand yourself and your strengths? The Dependable Strengths® workshop will increase your self-esteem, help motivate you to achieve, and promote responsible behaviour.

Looking back to move forward

Reflecting on your past offers you valuable lessons. We all make mistakes but learning from our mistakes is not enough. We also need to learn from our successes. A familiar African Proverb says, “we must look back to move forward.” Dependable Strengths® guides participants through a process of reflecting on our past experiences to build a solid and useful profile of our strengths.

Dependable Strengths helps participants with…

  • Educational decisions & career choices
  • Being more productive and positive
  • Standing stronger in resistance to negative habits
  • Relating to others with less conflict
  • Communicating more clearly
  • Reducing stress

The Process

Over three workshops participants will travel through 35 “steps” designed to help them identify and articulate their core abilities, talents, positive traits, and skills. We call these dependable strengths and they are a part of what’s best about you! The process is casual, fun, and stimulating.

Each participant will receive a workshop booklet and leave with a Naming, Claiming, and Aiming statement as a “personal creed” concerning their dependable strengths.

Prior to the workshop

Each participant will be sent a packet to complete before the workshop. This usually takes 1 to 2 hours and includes a biographic sketch that will help individuals hit the ground running.

About the facilities

The Dependable Strengths® workshop will be held in our training room at The Presbyterian College located conveniently near McGill University with easy access from public transport.

Our workshop will be facilitated by professional staff of the Leadership Centre and assistant trainers who have received specific training to this Dependable Strengths® Process.

We will meet each session from 6-9pm.  Participants should plan to eat before arriving or after we conclude.

For More Information

The Presbyterian College is happy to offer this workshop to church groups, campus groups, or other audiences.  The average cost for the workshop is $75 per participant.

If you have a group and would like to discuss hosting a workshop, please contact Leadership Centre director, Tim Keener at tkeener(at) or call us at 514-288-5256 x206


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