Holy Conversations: Congregational Vitality as Holy Conversation

October 8, 2019 9:30 a.m. – Noon

Change happens through conversation.  Conversations play an integral role in our strategic planning process and must be framed properly for healthy progress.

Gil Rendle & Alice Mann say that there are three fundamental questions at the heart of congregational planning:

  • Who are we? (identity)
  • What has God called us to do? (purpose)
  • And, Who is my neighbour? (context)

But deciding how to have conversations about our identity, purpose, and context must be structured for success. Here’s a sobering reality: congregations do not easily enter into conversations about change when they are satisfied with the way things are going! What gets people ready for change is structured holy conversation.


This Congregational Vitality brunch will stimulate new thinking and practice in your critical task of planning in ministry.

October 8, 2019 9:30 am – Noon @ The Presbyterian College, Montreal

A light morning brunch and coffee will be offered.
*Thanks to the support of generous partners of The Presbyterian College, the cost of the morning will be only $25 per participant.

Register by October 4th: tkeener@pcmtl.ca

TIM KEENER is Director of the Leadership Centre at The Presbyterian College. He is an ordained minister and an associate pastor at a vibrant faith community in Montreal. Tim is trained in Congregational Vitality and consults with churches and Christian organizations in the area of Organizational Development.

In this brunch we will be discussing:

  • Crucial conversations as strategic ministry planning 
  • How to set up healthy and helpful congregational conversations
  • Writing a Community or Behavioural Covenant
  • And overview of a strategic ministry plan
  • Common difficulties in “crucial conversations”
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