Statement on Racism from the College

Statement on Racism
from The Presbyterian College


Over past days, in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, we have been reminded of the racism, injustice, and violence that are a daily reality for many in our world, including in our own city and our province. We have also seen expressions of righteous anger across the United States and even globally—protests that have expressed the deep frustration and anger at the violence and injustice faced by people of colour. And we have been reminded that many of us are shaped by racist attitudes and by social structures that perpetuate racism.

In this time, we pray that those elected to lead our countries will step forward and hear those voices calling for “justice to roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.” We pray that those of us implicated in racism will be able to listen and examine our own lives and attitudes. This is a time to hear the voices of those who suffer oppression, a time for courage to highlight and name injustices and racism, and a time to reach for a healing that will bridge divisions. We pray that God will give us grace to pursue the path of friendship and equality and grace and justice that is embodied in the kingdom of his Son, Jesus.

While former President Barak Obama speaks from and into a context different from our own, we are grateful for words he has offered and his challenge to pursue, political, local, and personal approaches in protesting and for overcoming racism today. We are challenged by his words and invited to move forward by them:



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