New Agreement with Laval University


Agreement with Laval University – New Theology Program

The Presbyterian College is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement with the Faculty of Theology and Religious Sciences of Laval University, for the collaborative offer of a new theology program (Masters level) in Practical Theology at Laval. This new agreement represents an expansion of our existing collaboration with the Institut de Théologie pour la Francophonie. It extends the opportunities for graduate, theological study in French for students within the Province of Quebec. For more on the Faculty of Theology, visit here
Theological education in a changing world requires ever greater collaboration. Why? Because the questions and complexities are large and because more can be accomplished by sharing ideas, understandings, and visions than by going it alone. Such collaboration is also be an expression of our unity in Christ. What we have in common, through the grace of God, is greater than our differences. Embracing this commonality and this shared life through theological education is a sign to the world of our sharing in God’s love in Christ. We trust that this new theology program will concretely express just this sharing.
Pictured are the Acting Principal of The Presbyterian College (Roland De Vries) and the outgoing Dean of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Sciences (Gilles Routier).


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