The relation to the Land of Indigenous Peoples
March 9th, 9:30-10:45 a.m. (EST)


This online panel discussion will explore the relationship to the land, and the spirituality of this relationship, among Indigenous peoples in the global context. Our guest speakers represent a variety of nations and contexts and bring insight to our own understanding of what it means to live in relation to a particular place.


Adrian Jacobs
Adrian is Keeper of the Circle at the Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre, Manitoba. Adrian is Cayuga from Six Nations, Ontario


Chung Chih Hong
Chung Chih is a PhD student in the School of Religious Studies, McGill and at The Presbyterian College. She is from the Pinuyumayan tribe in South-Eastern Taiwan.


Mutang Urud
Mutang Urud has long been an activist defending the land rights of Indigenous peoples in Borneo. Mutang is from the Kelabit tribe.



This is a free online panel discussion.

Join us through Zoom by clicking here.

For more information, email us at info@pcmtl.ca  

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