Our Mission

Our Mission – Theology in Montreal

Our mission is to shape transformational leaders who contribute to the renewal of Christ’s church and to God’s mission in the world. In its programs and curriculum, the College is committed to a threefold approach to theological study:

  • Christian scholarship grounded in rigorous academic study, which aims to provide grounding in the Christian tradition of biblical, theological, and historical reflection
  • Spiritual formation and character development fostered within a vital community of faith and learning
  • Preparation for the practice of ministry by the development of appropriate leadership skills for transformational leadership

We fulfill this purpose in a dynamic and diverse faith-based community as part of McGill University. McGill is one of Canada’s foremost universities, located in one of North America’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities. As a college in the Reformed tradition, we live out a generous orthodoxy and welcome scholars and students from a variety of denominational backgrounds from around the world.

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