Master of Theological Studies

Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)

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The Master of Theological Studies* (Practical Theology) is an academic program offered by The Presbyterian College in affiliation with the Institut de Théologie pour la francophonie (ITF). These two institutions have entered into a formal agreement as of 2019 for the offering of this program. ITF is a French-language theological institution with a specific vision of serving congregations in French-speaking nations. The shared, Masters of Theological Studies degree program focuses on practical theology and, more narrowly, on the development of missional competencies for church leaders. 

Both The Presbyterian College and the Institut de théologie wish to educate and deploy women and men who will be effective Christians leaders, particularly in the Francophone world. We wish to train a new generation so there will be:

  • An increasing number of reflective, spiritual leaders for missional congregations;
  • An increasing number of qualified church planters for mission;
  • An increasing number of contextually equipped practitioners;
  • A new body of peer-reviewed articles on practical theological concerns, written and published in French.

The Master of Theological Studies is offered in a bilingual format, and therefore requires strong competency in both French and in English—although the program may also be pursued exclusively in French. 

*Students entering the M.T.S. should be aware that the degree program is presently being offered as a pilot project and that this is not, at present, an approved degree with the Association of Theological Schools (ATS, accrediting body). However, steps are being taken in that direction, with the expectation of future approval of the M.T.S. as an approved program through ATS.

M.T.S. Program Requirements

The M.T.S. is a 45-credit academic program.  The programme of courses includes the following, over three years (although it can also be completed in two years, full time):

PCIT 600 – Introduction to Practical Theology (6 credits) An introduction to the theological reflection and learning that is oriented toward the practice of ministry and mission.
PCIT 640 – Missional, Intercultural Exchange (3 credits) This course involves an intercultural, missional exchange in another global context.
PCIT 620 – Ministry Placement (3 credits)  Engagement in a ministry context, following a rigorous and regular process of theological reflection.
PCIT 601 –Contemporary Questions in Theology of Ministry 1 (3 credits) A directed reading course focused on topical/practical questions in the theology of ministry.

PCIT 621 –  (6 credits) Engagement in a ministry context, following a rigorous and regular process of theological reflection.
PCIT 630 – Biblical Exegesis for Ministry (3 credits) Exploration of foundational theological, philosophical, and methodological questions in biblical interpretation and exegesis.
PCIT 602 – Contemporary Questions in Theology of Ministry 2 (3 credits) A directed reading course focused on topical/practical questions in the theology of ministry.
PCIT 660 – Topics in Practical Theology 1 (3 credits) An elective, seminar course focused on topical questions in practical theology.

PCIT 661– Topics in Practical Theology 2 (3 credits) An elective, seminar course focused on topical questions in practical theology.
PCIT 631 – Theology of Mission (3 credits) Exploration of foundational theological, philosophical, and methodological in relation to the mission of the church.
PCIT 650 – Major Research Project (9 credits) A major research project, representing the culmination of the program, focused on questions in the areas of practical theology and the mission of the church.

Admission requirements

To successfully enrol in the Master of Theological Studies, students must fulfill the following requirements:

Previous Studies

Entry into the M.T.S. program requires the completion of a previous undergraduate degree (a Bachelor’s degree) in theology or a closely related discipline. These studies must have been completed at a public college or university, subject to approval by the admissions committee of PC/ITF. Students must have achieved a minimum CGPA of 2.8 in their undergraduate studies.

Language proficiency

Depending on whether the student pursues the French-only, or the Bilingual version of the M.T.S. program, students must demonstrate proficiency in French and/or English. 

TOEFL Non-Canadian applicants whose mother tongue is not English, and who wish to enter the M.T.S. as a bilingual program, must have a score of 577 on the paper-based version of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or a score of 90, on the new Internet-based iBT composite score.  A minimum score of 21 is required in each individual component of the TOEFL iBT. 

IELTS – The regular Academic test and the test for UKVI are both accepted. A band score of 6.5 or better; individual component scores of 6.0 or better. 




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