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Why study theology with us in Montreal?

We believe there are many reasons to choose The Presbyterian College

Our Focus

As you study theology with us in Montreal, you will find yourself focussed on the mission of God in the world. We believe our task is to equip and nurture leaders who in turn will equip and nurture the people of God to witness faithfully as Christians in the world.


On average, fees at The Presbyterian College are much lower than at many other seminaries in Canada because the province of Quebec has kept tuition fees lower than other provinces. Bursaries are provided for Presbyterian Church in Canada students while other students are encouraged to seek bursaries through their own denomination. International students, including students from the United States, pay The Presbyterian College tuition fees, rather than McGill tuition fees, reducing tuition costs significantly.

Intellectual Engagement

The affiliation with the Faculty of Religious Studies at McGill means that students are able to engage with faculty who excel in their area of research. In addition to McGill faculty, students also engage with the faculty of The Montreal School of Theology and The Presbyterian College bringing years of ministry experience into a classroom setting.

Practical Experience

Our In Ministry Year (final year of the MDiv) provides students with an entire year dedicated to learning the basics of various ministry skills as well as providing the theological grounding required for congregational and other forms of ministry. To study theology with us here in Montreal is to be equipped for service to the church.


Christian community is a central part of who we are. Students gather weekly for worship, meet together in small groups, and develop friendships that go beyond their time at The Presbyterian College.


The context of an ecumenical consortium along with the rich variety of students in a university setting provides for a rich diversity of thought and experience. To study theology in such a context is to grow deeper in faith and understanding.

Personal Growth

The Presbyterian College understands the importance of personal formation in pursuing a call to ministry. Ministry is not only about what we know but about who we are. We seek to develop leaders who are credible and whose faith and actions are interwoven.


Theology courses at the College can be taken either part-time or full-time. Students can begin their studies by taking evening or weekend courses through The Montreal School of Theology Certificate Program.

Global Experience

Each year, students in the In Ministry Year travel to Cuba to engage in discussion with leaders and students in the Church in Cuba to explore the gospel outside their own context. These discussions and encounters provide for a rich opportunity to think more deeply about mission and the gospel.


The transition from student to minister within a congregation is a challenging one. The Presbyterian College provides mentoring groups for graduates in their early years of ministry to ensure a successful transition.


Montreal is a rich and diverse city. It provides a unique setting within Canada and a great place to study theology and prepare for ministry.

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