Annual Retreat

Presbyterian College Retreat 2015

Presbyterian College Retreat

Each year the students and faculty of The Presbyterian College participate in a weekend retreat that is held at Camp CAMMAC on Lake MacDonald in the Laurentians. The retreat includes inspiring times of worship, delicious food, and an experience of the gifts of nature. This context of retreat provides the means for community building and personal renewal in preparation for another year of study. As one student affirms about the retreat, “it is a good way to start the semester in a welcoming and safe environment.”

The words of another student, just beginning her journey into theological education, beautifully capture the experience:

Nestled in the magnificent Laurentian Mountains and serenaded by the lapping waters of Lake MacDonald, I had the privilege of attending the Presbyterian College Fall Retreat as a first time student. It was a time of quiet reflection and repose while also a time of stimulating conversations, powerful encounters and thought-provoking exchanges. The retreat allowed for the making of a strong sense of cohesion and community among students, between themselves, as well as with College staff. This was all the more powerful in light of the multiple and dissimilar backgrounds from which we all came. I experienced the delight of meeting and sharing with like-minded people. But even more, the culmination of the retreat remained the moments spent in worship where again the awe of the majesty of our Lord and of His grace and love was renewed within us.

Retreat 2015 - jammingAs these words suggest, an important component of building Christian community is to create hospitable spaces for others, too. Our retreat as a theological community is partly shared with the Diocesan Theological College and United Theological College, who also meet at CAMMAC. Although most activities are unique to each respective community, a combined worship service and meals in common reminded us that we have the privilege of being part of the century-old ecumenical Montreal School of Theology. 

The college retreat is a vital component of our life together, as we seek to build hospitable Christian community together in the name of Christ and on the way with Him together.

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