Bible Content Exam

All candidates for ministry in The Presbyterian Church in Canada who are completing the M.Div. degree at The Presbyterian College are required to successfully complete an exam in English Bible content. Students of other ecclesial traditions are not required to complete this examination.

The purpose of the testing is to:
  • Ensure that students are well versed with the scriptures they are studying and which shape the church’s life and faith.
  • Ensure that the teaching and preaching ministry of future ministers is supported by a solid knowledge of content of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament

The Bible Content exam is provided here. Students are free to familiarize themselves with the bible knowledge that will be required of them in order to successfully complete this exam with a grade of at least 80%. 

Once a student is confident that they may achieve a successful completion of the exam, they should make an appointment, through the College Administrator, to sit the test. It is not an open-book test.

If students have questions about the Bible Content Exam or procedures for its completion, they should arrange an appointment with the Rev. Dr. Dan Shute, Librarian.

The Bible has been given to us by the inspiration of God to be the rule of faith and life. It is the standard of all doctrine by which we must test any word that comes to us from church, world, or inner experience. We subject to its judgment all we believe and do. Through the Scriptures the church is bound only to Jesus Christ its King and Head. He is the living Word of God to whom the written word bears witness. — Living Faith 5.1

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