Guidance Conference

Every student seeking ordination in the Presbyterian Church in Canada must participate in a Guidance Conference.

The goals of the conference are to:
  • Provide the church with the best possible candidates for the ministries of the church
  • Help the candidates to fulfill their calling
  • Provide supportive counselling and make recommendations to the presbyteries regarding re-certification

The guidance conference does this by providing supportive counselling and making recommendations to the presbyteries regarding the candidates’ re-certification.

The objectives of the guidance conference are to:
  • Produce a report on each candidate, commenting on the candidate’s general fitness to study for the ministries of the Presbyterian Church in Canada and recommend to the certifying presbytery the acceptance or rejection of the candidate for recertification
  • Help candidates recognize and understand their abilities, strengths and weaknesses that will enhance or detract from their ministry
  • Enable and encourage each candidate to develop a growth plan to use their strengths and accept, compensate or overcome their weaknesses
  • Present good models for ministry through the conference leadership


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