Psychological Testing

All candidates for ministry in The Presbyterian Church in Canada are required to complete a psychological examination.

The purpose of the testing is to:
  • Encourage and aid growth while facilitating increased self-awareness
  • Serve as a resource for counsellors in guiding candidates proceeding to ministry and those who need to be redirected in their choice of vocation

The psychological assessment report is advisory rather than determinative. It forms one element in the church’s preparation and discernment process for ministry candidates.

The principle values to the assessors are to:
  • Provide clues to qualities and characteristics that should be explored in interviews
  • Confirm or question the validity of conclusions derived from interviews, other information and impressions
  • Indicate the fit between the candidate’s personal characteristics and those considered desirable for people in ministry
  • Assist presbyteries in making strong nominations and certifying capable persons who seem in their judgment to have real potential for ministry
Some of the values to the assessed are:
  • To assist candidates in self-assessment and self-understanding by increasing their awareness of their psychological and social strengths and weaknesses and their potential for growth, and for creative and wise decision-making in life and vocation;
  • To aid in finding alternate ways that people can respond to a call when it is indicated that they are not suitable for ministry. The sooner one achieves that determination the better.


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