Helping ministers in their congregational work

Theological education does not end after a student graduates from seminary and enters congregational work. We walk alongside, support and mentor ministers in their early years of congregational work, helping them build leadership qualities necessary for steering the church to renewal and revitalization.

The goals of the ministry:

  • New seminary graduates will know they are supported in their first years of ministry;
  • New ideas of leadership may emerge from these conversations;
  • New prayer partners will develop;
  • The seminary will be in touch with what is required in ministry today and will be able to reflect on its present curriculum;
  • Further equipping of leaders will take place;
  • New leadership skills will be developed and deepened;
  • The missional element of the church will be reinforced.

The program:

  • Monthly group sessions by videoconference;
  • A yearly, full-week on-campus gathering.

The yearly onsite meeting is a time of retreat, reflection, community building and learning. The videoconferences are for ongoing support, prayer, reflection on ministry, and soul care. Each year, a reading source will be selected to provide structure in our learning together and will be used alongside the other goals listed above.

Five milestones over five years

Year One: Support and encouragement

In year one the primary goal is to provide encouragement and support as grads make their way into their first year of ministry. It will focus on various discussions around the nuts and bolts of ministry.

Year Two: Self-Awareness and Soul Care

Self-awareness and soul care are essential for healthy ministry. In this year, three major resources would be used: Life Styles Inventory, Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership by Ruth Barton, and Dependable Strengths. Participants will identify their own values and gifts.

Year Three: Engaging in Congregational Change, Part One

Engaging in change is a challenging endeavor. In year three, we will look at what is involved in making change, developing a theology of change and various models of change.

Year Four: Engaging in Congregational Change, Part Two

This year will be a follow-up to year three. How is the change process working? Where are you as minister in the midst of the change?

Year Five: Transformational Leadership

The fifth year will focus on how participants can continue to develop as transformational leaders in their own congregations. How can they help develop the full potential of the people who are part of their faith community? How will they be leaders who create more leaders?


The mentoring program is open to all Ministers of Word and Sacraments.

For more information, please contact: Mr. Tim Keener

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