Pastors Retreat — Stay at College

Getting Away to Montreal

Pastoral study leave, or Intermission, is such an important part of the rhythm of ministry. It represents an opportunity to be spiritually refreshed, to re-engage with scripture and culture, or to be renewed in the practices of ministry. There are many conferences that a pastoral leader can attend, or events they can participate in, for the purposes of study leave.

Here is a unique opportunity for your study leave—a dedicated suite and study space at The Presbyterian College for a time away and for a time of retreat, learning, and reflection. 

NOTE THAT this space is available only to persons in the following categories: Clergy of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, participants in the Mentoring Program of the college, and Graduates of The Presbyterian College. If you are interested, and have some other meaningful connection to the college, please complete the application below and we will consider your request.

The Suite

The college has recently completed the renovation of a one-bedroom suite at the College—it has a refreshed living area, bedroom, renovated bathroom, and kitchenette. Everything you need for a comfortable week or two here in Montreal.  Basic materials (as provided in hotels) will be made available, including bedding, towels, and a few toiletries. The bed is a queen-size bed, and the space is sufficient for a spouse to accompany you during your study leave.

The Cost

We are interested in facilitating your pastoral retreat or study leave in the most cost-effective way possible. You will be responsible for travel to Montreal, and also responsible for the cost of food (which can be prepared in the kitchenette). The room itself, and the total invoice from the college, will be $275 for a one-week stay, or $400 for a two-week stay, which we trust is well within the annual study leave amount available to pastors.

The Program

The program is very much up to you, and most pastors will be able to prepare their own program of independent study for their study leave. In addition to your program of study, you will attend Wednesday chapel and community lunch, and may be invited to preach in chapel or participate in college programming in some other way. If your time at the college overlaps with any other significant programs, you will be encouraged and welcomed to attend.

If you wish to follow a guided program of study that takes Montreal as the focus of your leave, we have prepared three programs of independent study that also take advantage of the unique context of Quebec. Those programs are as follows:

  • Gospel and Culture
  • Creative Missional Engagement
  • Faith and Work

Click on the link for more details. Each program includes activities in Montreal, journaling, reading, and writing/preparation for worship. 


The likely start date of this program is November 1, 2024. Following this day, your study leave time in Montreal is subject to availability of the retreat suite. If you wish to apply for use of the space, we encourage you to have two alternative times available, to indicate on your application. Weeks at the college should usually unfold from a Sunday to a Saturday, and partial weeks are discouraged.


Please complete the application form below, and we will be in touch with you soon. For more information, please be in touch with Dr. Adrian Langdon, Director of Programs in the Leadership Centre — [email protected] 

Pastor's Retreat Stay - Application

Pastor's Retreat Stay - Application

I am aware that the cost is $275 for a one-week stay, and $400 for a two-week stay. And that payment shall be in advance.
I am aware that attendance at chapel and community programming is a required part of my stay at the College. I may be asked to participate in community life by preaching or in some other way.I agree to adhere by all policies indicated on the "About us" page of the college website.