Seminary in Montreal

You have a vision to serve the church and your community—to make the Good News real in the lives of others. The Presbyterian College is here to support, equip, and encourage you in pursuing this vision through seminary studies.

Through academic studies, professional formation, and spiritual practices, be equipped and transformed in the service of Christ.

As you study theology with us in Montreal, you will find yourself focussed on the mission of God in the world. We believe our task is to equip and nurture leaders who in turn will equip and nurture the people of God for authentic worship and witness.  Our students know well that ministry is not only about what we know but about who we are. We want to be and to develop leaders who are credible and whose faith and actions have integrity. Lives of joy in service.

Intellectual Engagement

Our affiliations with McGill University and Laval University means that students are able to engage with faculty who excel in their area of research. In addition, students also engage with the faculty of The Montreal School of Theology and The Presbyterian College who bring years of scholarship and ministry experience into the classroom. 


We know that affordability and value matter to students. Our tuition and fees are among the most affordable in North America. International student fees are also much lower than in other programs and Universities. Check out the details here. Grow in your faith and competence for ministry without growing your student debt!

“Imagine every new idea [you encounter in your studies] as a person with whom you are in dialogue. In the practice of dialogue, we listen to one another, but we listen as ourselves. It would not be good stewardship simply to dismiss an idea without giving it a chance to speak to you; on the other hand, you also bring your own beliefs and values to the encounter. What you have learned so far, especially in your life in Christ, is just as important as the new idea you are entertaining. Try to listen to both.” — Professor Karen Petersen Finch

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In the Master of Divinity program, students spend 40% of the final year in a ministry context – whether a congregation or a community organization. Through the action-reflection model, students engage in the practice of ministry while deepening their competencies.

To study theology with us here in Montreal is to be equipped for service to the church. It is to discover how to serve as a transformational leader in your faith community and in relation to local neighbourhoods.

Christian community is a central part of who we are. We gather weekly for worship, meet together in small groups, and develop friendships that go well beyond our time at The Presbyterian College. Graduates of the college from previous decades share continuing relationships with their classmates and colleagues from the College.

For more about our community life, click here.

In the final year of the Master of Divinity program, students participate in an Intercultural Learning Experience, which usually is a study tour in Cuba. We meet with seminary students, congregations, and community organizations in Cuba and explore how the gospel is lived in another context.

The community of the college itself is also an increasingly global community, with students from a diversity of backgrounds and countries. It enriches our shared life that we bring perspectives and experiences from such different contexts and expressions of the Body of Christ.

Montreal is a beautiful and dynamic city in the Province of Quebec, Canada. The city is situated on the Island of Montreal, located at the joining of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers. At the heart of Montreal is the remarkable green space/park of Mount Royal, which is just steps from The Presbyterian College—it is a beautiful place for walking, biking, and winter activities.

Culturally, Montreal is a beautiful mix of French and English and other languages. It is a city of festivals and beautiful neighbourhoods. It is also an accessible city; easy to get around; easy to explore. For more about the city, click here.