A new way to explore your faith and the Christian tradition.

In the Winter of 2022, we have launched a new program of accessible, online studies. These are 6 or 8 weeks in length and can be taken by individuals or by congregational study groups. For local study groups, there is an opportunity for local conversation (either in a Zoom breakout room or in your location).

Program Snapshot

  • 6 or 8-week study
  • Non-credit
  • Available to individuals or congregational study groups
  • Cost ranges from $55 to $145 per person (depending on the form of the study)
  • Cost for congregation-based study groups is $165.
  • No requirement of previous academic studies.
  • Offered by faculty and associated teachers of The Presbyterian College.
  • No formal written assignments or exams.

Congregational Study Groups

If you are a pastoral leader, or a bible study leader in a congregation, consider having a group participate in this course together. Each person in your group can join via Zoom, or your group can gather together at the time of the course (in person, in your location). Your own group discussion can take place in a Zoom breakout room or in person. (Study and discussion questions will be provided).

More Information

If you would like more information, please be in touch with us at [email protected] or at [email protected]

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