Faith and Work: Finding Meaning on Monday

What does your Christian faith have to do with your work week? Does God desire your work to just be about making money? Can faith provide meaning and change the way we work?

This online study explore what the bible and theology say about our work. We will learn about work in relation to creation, salvation, and God’s coming Kingdom. We will consider how this can transform our careers and workweeks. The following topics will also be explored:

    • Faith in relation to modern work
    • Work in the Bible and Theology
    • How work can be transformed in light of God’s presence in the world
    • How careers can contribute to the common good and anticipate the Kingdom of God
    • How Sundays should empower the workweek

Whether you are just starting out, midcareer, and living in retirement you will discover ways to serve God in the work that you do. We will also suggest how church leaders and pastors can help believers in making deeper connections between faith and work. If you have any questions, please contact Adrian Langdon at [email protected].

Dr. Adrian Langdon became Director of Programs for The Leadership Centre at Presbyterian College in the winter 2023. Prior to this he taught at various universities in Ontario and is excited to explore what it means to be Christian in our changing secular context. Adrian has a PhD in theology from McGill University. He loves to teach, research, and write on a variety of topics and aims to make theology widely accessible and relevant. For more about the Leadership Centre, click here.



5 Weeks
Thursdays 7:00-8:30 p.m (EST)
October 5 – November 2

Registration Fee of $55/person
Group Registration is $200/group

We encourage you to consider learning together as a group. This could be in-person in someone’s living room or in a church hall, or even online. Registering as a group of 4 or more represents a savings for each person. The group leader is the only one who should register, and the leader will share the Zoom link for the study with members. 

Meaning on Monday - Registration

Meaning on Monday - Registration

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