The alumni of The Presbyterian College are a gifted and dynamic community. They have gone on from the college to serve the church in diverse and beautiful ways. Through pastoral ministry, congregational leadership, community engagement, chaplaincy service, and other diverse forms, they have brought the good news and joy of Christ to others. We are grateful that the college is a community of these grads/alumni, who have studied with us over many decades. For details on specific alumni, check out the list found here. Or read more in our history, here.

As you’ll see there, our most famous grad is Dr. James Naismith, the inventor of basketball! “Although James won theological scholarships, he dismayed colleagues and professors by continuing his involvement in athletics.” That doesn’t dismay us, since we know well that God uses us to bless others through the whole variety of gifts given to us!

Graduates of the college automatically become members of the Graduates’ Society. Through this ongoing community, grads form an ongoing community. Through their graduate society fees, members contribute to the life of the college and support/encourage new grads.

Alumni go on from the college to serve in diverse ways.

The Presbyterian College, shaping transformational leaders for church and community since 1865.

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