On the Spectrum: Autism, Faith, and the Gifts of Neurodiversity

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On the Spectrum: Autism, Faith, and the Gifts of Neurodiversity

 Author: Daniel Bowman  Publisher: Brazos Press  Published: August 10, 2021  ISBN: 978-1587435065  Pages: 208  Country: USA  Language: English

From the Publisher:

Nearly everyone knows someone on the autism spectrum, whether it’s a niece or nephew, a student in their classroom, a coworker, or a sibling, spouse, or child. One in 54 children has autism, according to the CDC, and autism is reported across racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups. Yet most of what people think they know about autism is wrong.

On the Spectrum debunks myths with a realistic yet hope-filled deep dive into the heart, mind, and life of a Christian. Daniel Bowman, a novelist, poet, and professor, received an autism diagnosis at age thirty-five after experiencing crises in his personal and professional life. The diagnosis shed light on his experience in a new, life-giving way. In this captivating book, Bowman reveals new insights into autism, relationships, faith, and the gift of neurodiversity.

Rather than viewing autism as a deficiency, Bowman teaches readers–through stories of his heartbreaks and triumphs–authentic ways to love their neighbors as themselves, including their autistic neighbors who are fearfully and wonderfully, if differently, made.