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The Diploma in Ministry is completed through partnership with the Colleges of the Montreal School of Theology. For a general description of the Diploma in Ministry program, click here.

The Diploma in Ministry is a one-year (30-credit) program that is designed to equip women and men for ministry within the church – with a clear focus on the practice and theology of pastoral ministry. The content of this program is equivalent to the third year of the M.Div. program at The Presbyterian College/Montreal School of Theology. It is a year of professional formation that builds competencies for ministry. Admission to this program usually requires prior theological study at the M.Div. level (or equivalent).

The program requirements of the Diploma in Ministry are as follows:

Supervised Field Placement
(MST 500 – 12 credits)Supervised Field Placement

The placement takes place over the full academic year and represents 40% of the Diploma in Ministry. Students participate in typical ministry activities in a congregation or community organization and the regular practice of theological reflection. Also includes requirements for Field Placement Groups and the Integrative Paper.
Congregational Mission
(MST  561 – 3 credits)
An exploration of the mission of the church, with particular reference to local
congregations and competencies for missional leadership.
Principles of Preaching
(MST 531 – 3 credits)
Explores the fundamentals of sermon preparation, exegesis for preaching, developing a message, and sermon structure. Also includes a preaching tutorial.
Pastoral Care
(MST 511 – 2 credits)
Introduction to the basic skills of pastoral care, and exploration of the particular gifts and challenges the student brings to this ministry.
Education and Formation
(MST 541 – 2 credits)
Examines educational theory, theology and practice, and develops skills and knowledge for ministerial leadership in faith formation and education
Congregational Leadership
(MST 562 – 2 credits)
Provides students with lenses to study the congregation, and explores the various
dynamics of leadership, particularly in the context of ordained ministry
Presbyterian History, Polity and Worship (PC 522 – 3 credits)
This course explores the life of the Presbyterian Church in Canada in terms of its
history, its worship practices, and its government.
Reformed Confessions and Ecclesiology (PC 582 – 3 credits)  Explores the Reformed theological tradition through the lens of its Confessional
History – considering the themes of church, ministry, sacraments, and the
themes of creation and salvation.

Additional, Non-credit Requirements

Intercultural Experience
(MST 390)
An intercultural learning experience which in recent years has taken the form of a one-week study tour in Cuba, learning from and with partner organizations in Cuba.
Preaching Workshop A preaching workshop is held in the Fall term.
Pastoral Care Workshop A pastoral care workshop, on a specific theme in pastoral care, held in the Winter term.
Conflict Management Workshop A conflict management workshop, held in the Winter term.

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