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Honorary Doctorate Recipient 2022
The Board of Governors of The Presbyterian College is pleased to announce that the Doctor of Divinity degree (honoris causa) will be conferred on the Rev. Douglas Rollwage at the Spring 2022 Convocation of The Presbyterian College. 

The Rev. Douglas Rollwage has demonstrated faithful service to Christ and the Church over his 35 years in ministry. He is being recognized in particular for his preaching ministry and contributions to local theological education. Rollwage currently serves as Lead Minister of Zion Presbyterian Church in Charlottetown, a congregation to which he was called in 2006.

In his preaching, the Rev. Rollwage communicates his expansive knowledge of scripture and the Reformed Tradition eloquently and with passion. Rollwage conducts theological education in two primary ways: through local bible study and study tours to the Holy Land. The Rev. Rollwage’s online bible studies have attracted strong local participation and a significant number of online viewers/participants. He has led 14 pilgrimage tours to the Holy Land, where he has guided students in “on-site Bible study.” Additionally, he and his congregation at Zion Church give significant support to the Canadian FoodGrains Bank, which provides hundreds of thousands of meals to families in need.

The Rev. Douglas Rollwage’s previous roles include ministry to congregations in Kingston and Toronto and service as a Federal Corrections Chaplain at Joyceville-Pittsburgh Institution. From 2001-2006, he served on the Canadian Christian Jewish Consultation. He has also attended over 18 consecutive General Assemblies as a resource person to the Assembly Office. Rollwage was elected as Moderator of the 142nd General Assembly and served in this position from 2016-2017.

Rollwage is a devoted leader, preacher, teacher, and follower of Christ. His service has touched lives both locally and globally. We look forward to granting him this honor.

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