Towards Healthy & Missional Congregations

CONGREGATIONAL VITALITY is not about quick fixes. It’s not about expert advice or even knowing what to change next in your congregation. Congregational Vitality is the result of an ongoing journey of spiritual renewal in the church that begins with, and is sustained by committed congregational leaders.

It is no secret that the established church in North America is struggling. Many mainline protestant, and evangelical churches are trying to turn the tide of decreasing engagement. Additionally, the context of Montreal and Quebec often defies conventional thinking on church growth, church planting, and congregational renewal.

Above all else, congregational leaders need the space to reflect on their experiences, and receive helpful and empathetic support. Congregational Vitality is the outcome of sustained discernment, the work of the Spirit, and courageous spiritual leadership. It requires active listening and active learning.

We believe the best way to help congregational leaders is not to provide outside expert advice, but to facilitate a collective learning experience, with pertinent resources, in an environment of spiritual brokenness and humility.

Are you a congregational leader looking for support in one of the following areas:

  • Assessing your congregation’s vital signs
  • Engaging spiritual renewal
  • Understanding your congregation’s culture and leading change
  • Emotional systems and dealing with congregational anxiety
  • Dealing with adaptive challenges
  • Discernment and ministry planning

We would love to hear your story!

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